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Expansion at East Village Update

We are excited to share an update on the progress of our expansion space! Check out some of our new renderings, so you can know what to expect from our new space in only a month from now.

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nick member of the month

Member of the Month: Nick Goodale, Tallgrass Management Group

Our July Member of the Month is one of our newer members, although it feels like he has been a part of our family for years now. Meet Nick Goodale, Operations Manager for Tallgrass Management Group. Tallgrass was founded in 2016 and is backed by over 25 years of local real estate experience. They have quickly become a housing provider of choice across the Tulsa area.

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Member of the Month: Tasha McKinzie, Nextep

Let’s give a round of applause to our June Member of the Month, Tasha Mckinzie! Tasha is an experienced business consultant for Nextep, a Britney Spears aficionado with a killer shoe collection, and has dedicated the last ten years to CrossFit and nutrition. Read on to find out more about Tasha and Nextep.

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member of the month rhene

Member of the Month: Rhene Ritter, Housing Solutions Tulsa

The honor of September Member of the Month goes to Rhene Ritter! You can find Rhene walking around the office with a smile on her face, always. As the grants and funding coordinator for nonprofit Housing Solutions, her positive outlook and sunshine-like personality are great assets.

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member of the month alfreda

Member of the Month: Alfreda Wells, Keyrenter Tulsa

Alfreda Wells is a property manager for Keyrenter Tulsa, and if you have met her, you know she is a no-nonsense, sharp-witted woman with a heart of gold. She oversees all of the single-family properties within Keyrenter and is always looking out for the needs of others.

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sitting at desk collaborating

The Neuroscience Behind Coworking

Having the option to connect with others in the work environment, but on your terms, creates a feeling of agency. The power to build and shape your work experience and environment to what suits you best.

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