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This Is Us

Hey, hey, we’re the “Rooties”, and people say we rootin’ around, but we’re too busy bringing (the energy) so you can hit the ground (running). 

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The Root is simply more than just a place to work from. It’s a community; it’s home. We build inviting communities through our passion for hospitality and service oriented approach, giving each one of our members the tools to be creative, happy, and empowered throughout the workday.

We’re proud to be a locally owned small business, and even though we’re a small team, we pack a punch. Get to know a bit more about us below!

Our vision

When you walk in the door, the environment at The Root Coworking surround members and guests in a work space that simultaneously leaves you with a sense of belonging, inspiration, and support from everyone you encounter. It’s where you feel part of something bigger than your just your day job. It’s where you find a better version of yourself. Where you’re set up for success and where you’re seen.

Our mission

At The Root Coworking, our mission is to make the workday greater by creating unique and memorable experiences for all.

our values

Serve First

Our business is built on quality service and putting our members first always.

Value All

We always follow the golden rule, to be respectful, friendly, and considerate of one another.

Be Authentic

From our space design to our staff, we bring an uncommon approach and real authenticity to everything we do.

our culture

We foster a community where everyone can express their best self. Have fun, be authentic, and celebrate one another.

Ben and Hayden

our story

Our Founder, Ben Von Drehle (BVD to most), started his career in commercial real estate in Denver, CO, working with companies of all shapes and sizes to help find the perfect office space for them. He began gravitating towards tenants in the tech and entrepreneurial scene in Denver, as they seemed to have the same creative eye for design and an equal hatred for low ceilings, fluorescent lighting and the leading killer of employee morale… cube farms. Ben immediately fell in love with the concept of coworking and knew that smaller markets like his hometown of Tulsa, OK lacked these resources. He left his job (pregnant wife and all) and they packed up and moved back to Tulsa and opened up The Root Coworking in October of 2019.

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Check out our latest stories to keep up with all that we have going on, our community at The Root Coworking, and the coworking industry as a whole.


Member of The Month: Laura Latta, Tulsa Higher Education Consortium

Laura Latta, Executive Director at the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium, leads efforts in Northeast Oklahoma to enhance student success in higher education. Collaborating with nine colleges, her team focuses on creating transfer opportunities for community college students, ensuring they have promising job prospects post-graduation. An adjunct professor and avid runner, Laura remains dedicated to educational equity and community development.

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