What is the root coworking all about?


At the root coworking, we are more than just a shared office space, we are a coworking community for any and all types of people and businesses. We understand that everyone is built differently, some like to network and collaborate with other professionals, others prefer to sit in a dark environment with their headphones on and not be bothered for days. We get it! Our members exemplify our tagline, Work Your Way perfectly as we designed our space to meet the needs of not one, but all. 


Why should you consider coworking?


Community: We have some pretty cool & talented members who have either built their own companies from the ground floor or have the skills and network to help you kick start and grow your business. One of the greatest things about coworking is that it allows you to interact and build connections with others that you may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Who knows, you could meet the future co-founder of your billion dollar startup idea. So if you are currently working from home and need an excuse to shower and put on pants occasionally, or just need to have some human interaction (we all do!) because you are starting to have conversations with your refrigerator, come be a part of our community at the root. 


Culture: What makes us a special and unique coworking experience for Tulsa? Our culture. We are not built for one type of person, we are built for all. We make sure to highlight the diversity of businesses and professionals we have at the root because we believe that it is important for our members to experience variety and connect with professionals of other industries. We also have a pretty awesome, funny, beautiful and talented team that creates a culture that is hard to find in other coworking spaces.


Productivity: For anyone that says they can be productive working from home… We (respectively) call you a liar. Distractions exist all around you at home, like turning on that Netflix show you are addicted to, or throwing in another load of laundry. You think you are multitasking, but really you’re getting distracted by the things that do not help you stay motivated or succeed within your business. Numerous studies have shown that working out of a coworking space actually increases productivity, and many employers have started to pay for their employees’ coworking memberships, because they understand the obvious value in productivity that coworking provides. 


Perks on Perks on Perks: Over-head costs are now out-of-head costs. Our goal is to make your life easier as a business owner by providing you with a turnkey all-inclusive workplace experience. What you see is what you get, and we think you will like what you see…


  • Bottomless Cirque Coffee

  • 24/7 access

  • Super fast WiFi & ethernet connection available 

  • On-site support team

  • Bevi flavored water machine 

  • Weekly local beers on tap

  • Free parking

  • Print, copy & mail service 

  • Soundproof phone booths

  • Ergonomic furniture 

  • Height adjustable desks for office members

  • Meeting rooms

  • Weekly food trucks

  • Member events & monthly happy hours

  • Cornhole & ping pong


How we got started:


Our Founder, Ben Von Drehle (BVD to most), got his start working in commercial real estate in Denver, CO, working with companies to help find the perfect office space for them. He started gravitating towards tenants in the tech and entrepreneurial scene in Denver, as they seemed to have the same creative eye for office build outs and an equal hatred for low ceilings, fluorescent lighting and the leading killer of employee morale… cube farms. Ben immediately fell in love with the concept of coworking and knew that smaller markets like his hometown of Tulsa, OK lacked these resources. He quit his job (pregnant wife and all) and they packed up and moved back to Tulsa and opened up The Root in October of 2019.




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