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Your Guide to Meeting Rooms at The Root Coworking

Collaboration is essential to business. Whether you’re meeting with clients, brainstorming ideas, or planning a project, your meeting space should be an inspiring place for people to come together and do their best work.

At The Root Coworking, we offer a variety of meeting rooms to choose from, each with its own unique features and amenities. Whether you need a large space for a team meeting, or a small space for a one-on-one chat, we have the perfect room for you. The best part? You don’t have to be a member to book one of our meeting rooms. Simply click this link to view our various meeting room options and book instantly. 

The Boardrooms: Pine & Grand Central

guide to meeting rooms
Grand Central Room at The Root - Market Station

Pine is perfect for large team meetings, presentations, and client meetings; equipped with a Smart TV, whiteboard, and plenty of seating for up to 16 people on the second floor of our East Village location.

Grand Central at Market Station is a popular choice for those all day meetings. This room features floor to ceiling windows with lots of natural light, a whiteboard, and a Smart TV with AirPlay capabilities. It also has a bit of storage space and banquet-style seating. Grand Central can seat up to 16 people around the conference table, with a total capacity of about 23 people when you include the banquet seating as well.

Both rooms have great setups for catering in breakfast or lunch, and have space for coffee stations provided inside the room by our teams. Please be sure to request coffee service in advance, as additional setup and fees will be applied.

Lectures & Presentations: Sequoia

sequoia meeting room
Sequoia Room at The Root - East Village

If you need a space for a lecture or training session, Sequoia at East Village is the perfect fit. This room seats up to 30 people and comes with a projector and screen. The room also features some great local artwork, live plants, and a row of windows casting gorgeous natural light to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The tables and chairs in this room are also on wheels, so you can easily customize the layout to fit your needs. We are happy to set up the room in advance for you. 

The Popular Choice: 6-8 Person Meeting Rooms

meeting room
Penn Room at The Root - Market Station

Our medium-sized meeting rooms are perfect for team and client meetings, or interviews. These are the classic option when you think of traditional meeting room size, and definitely our most booked resources. All are equipped with Smart TVs, whiteboards, and ergonomic seating.

Oak and Maple at East Village on the second floor seats up to eight people. These rooms feature Smart TVs with AirPlay capabilities and whiteboards.

Willow and Magnolia at East Village on the first floor seat eight and six people, respectively, and have some great natural light coming through the windows. Both have Smart TVs with AirPlay capabilities and whiteboards.

Penn and Union at Market Station have eight and six chairs, respectively. They both feature gorgeous original brick and incredible windows, and also feature Smart TVs and whiteboards.

Intimate Meeting Rooms: Apple & Pear

apple meeting room
Apple Room at The Root - East Village

For smaller meetings or one-on-one chats, we offer Apple and Pear. These rooms are equipped with Smart TVs, and comfortable seating for up to four people. Located on the first floor of East Village, both are great options for shorter, more intimate meetings. 

Hosting a Virtual Meeting: Honu Pod

honu pod
Honu Pod at The Root - East Village

Our Honu Pod is a single-person soundproof pod located on the second floor of our East Village location. This room is the perfect place to host a virtual meeting, as it comes equipped with a desk, chair and whiteboard.

No matter what your meeting needs look like, we have a room that’s perfect for you. Flexibility is key—and lucky for you, that’s our middle name. To learn more about our meeting rooms and to reserve your next meeting space, head over to our meeting rooms page.