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Flexibility: The Cornerstone of Coworking During the Remote Worker Era

Flexibility: The Cornerstone of Coworking During the Remote Worker Era

The “dramatically shifting landscape of work.” The “future of work.” This is something we’re hearing a lot of guesswork about here in the post (ish) pandemic world. We saw the landscape of traditional work radically change in a matter of weeks, with the biggest being the shift to remote work, flexibility and blurring of the work/life balance. Then we saw the Great Resignation take place and employers are wondering now, more than ever, about employee retention and happiness. And, work from home only works for some people some of the time. That’s where coworking comes in. 

“Better than any previous model of work organization, coworking spaces address the five conditions that characterize work: access to information, access to knowledge, access to symbolic resources, access to social capital and opportunities for serendipity.” (Aurelie Leclercq-Vandelannoitte, Henri Isaac, (2016),”The new office: how coworking changes the work concept,” Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 37, Iss. 6 pp. 3 – 9).

As we think about how the workforce and office will continue to evolve, coworking is there to provide choice, agency and autonomy for employees—and efficiency, lowering overhead and operating costs, and simplicity for employers. 

Research from Harvard Business Review found that “people who frequently use coworking spaces experience an increase in productivity and overall satisfaction. Other benefits from the study include greater autonomy structure and the ability to change their routine often.”

Coworking spaces are in environments that cater to the needs of workers. From the physical space and design to the amenities, it’s all focused on what workers will need to remain productive and focused throughout the day—while also inspiring creativity and a sense of community.

At The Root Coworking, we’re more than just a shared office space—we’re a coworking community dedicated to the success of our members, personally and professionally. During our 3-year stint in downtown Tulsa, we’ve seen medium- to small-sized companies, freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs leverage our space and community to fit their needs. By offering 24/7 access, private offices, team suites and coworking desks, we can cater to many different industries and types of workers.

Tulsa was recently named one of the top 20 cities in the U.S. for remote workers by AirBnB, and The Root Coworking was featured on their best resources to work from in Tulsa list as well. We are seeing a huge influx of people moving from other states to take advantage of our low cost of living, robust community, and that homey-small town feel in a metropolitan city. 

If you’re ready to take your company into 2023, we have a few offices left at our East Village location and will have a brand-new space called Market Station (located at 12th and Lewis) opening in 2023. Reach out to us today at info@therootcoworking or call 918-236-3111.

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Member of The Month: Laura Latta, Tulsa Higher Education Consortium

Laura Latta, Executive Director at the Tulsa Higher Education Consortium, leads efforts in Northeast Oklahoma to enhance student success in higher education. Collaborating with nine colleges, her team focuses on creating transfer opportunities for community college students, ensuring they have promising job prospects post-graduation. An adjunct professor and avid runner, Laura remains dedicated to educational equity and community development.


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