Founders Era: the Podcast

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Meet Terrillo Walls and Ron Timoshenko, two members of the root coworking that have started Founders Era, a podcast. Founders Era is two SaaS (software as a service) founders discussing what it’s like to build a SaaS business in 2021, entrepreneurship in the tech space, and is a resource for entrepreneurs and business owners who are working with tech and don’t know where to start. 

We did a little interview to help you get to know Ron and Terrillo + learn all about their new podcast! Read on to find out more.  

You can listen to Founders Era on Apple Podcasts, their website or youtube channel


How did you two meet?

We met during a consulting contract with Brief Media. I (Ron) was working with Brief Media to help them determine what they needed to do to grow their business from a technology perspective and Terrillo–who was working at Brief Media at the time–was looking to make his next move and was reflecting on what he wanted to do next. 


What set the ball rolling on starting a podcast together?

We met several times during the Brief Media engagement and would talk about the challenges of leading a tech team and the complexities of writing software in general. We joked a few times about how our conversations would make a great podcast because both of us had learned so much along the way—the hard way—in our separate journeys and the information would be useful to other people who were going down the same road. During one of these sessions, we decided to just do it, record it and see how it goes. We shared the pilot episode with some friends and family, and the feedback was really positive, so we decided to keep going.


How did you choose the premise?

We wanted to talk about something that we both knew and understood very well. Entrepreneurship, especially in tech, is something that both of us are passionate about and are actively going through, so it seemed like a natural fit to just record the journey and share it with people.

We also wanted to provide technical insights for other entrepreneurs who might not be technical and provide advice on topics like: building the initial MVP, usage of time, and talking to customers. 


What are your dreams for the Founders Era?

The dream for the podcast is to become an invaluable resource for others that are going through their own entrepreneurial journey. We hope to motivate and inspire people who have yet to take the leap into entrepreneurship and to be a helpful resource to those that are already well on their way.

Part of the dream is to also inspire future software engineers on their journey by sharing our experiences, especially about school and self-learning. 


Tell us about the podcast and what topics you’re planning to focus on.

The podcast focuses on entrepreneurship in the tech space, but it’s a good resource for entrepreneurs and business owners who are working with tech and don’t know where to start. We’ve got a lot planned for future episodes and we’re focusing on things like: knowing when to stop building and start marketing, deciding how to prioritize features and what to build, dealing with unexpected frustrations, taking time off as a business owner, and more.

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