Member of the Month: Rhene Ritter, Housing Solutions Tulsa

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The honor of September Member of the Month goes to Rhene Ritter! You can find Rhene walking around the office with a smile on her face, always. As the grants and funding coordinator for nonprofit Housing Solutions, her positive outlook and sunshine-like personality are great assets.

Housing Solutions works to make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring. They are the lead agency for our community’s HUD Continuum of Care, A Way Home for Tulsa

We asked Rhene to answer a few questions for us. Get to know her a little better:

What do you do at Housing Solutions and in what circumstance would I come to you for something?

I am the grants and funding coordinator. You might come to me if you operate a nonprofit that serves people in a housing crisis to work on system planning, collaboration across Tulsa County, and technical assistance for programs that are federally funded.

How do you prefer to start your workday?

I prefer to start my workday fairly early with a walk around the neighborhood with my dog, Josey.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I’m really proud of the fact that I decided to go back to school at age 35 and attained my bachelor’s degree in sociology.

What’s something that has surprised you about your chosen career path?

After working for local government for over ten years, I thought I’d retire from the city. Instead, I decided to start a new career in the nonprofit sector to help Tulsans experiencing homelessness.

What’s a trip that has changed you, and why?

I attended a conference in Los Angeles and got the opportunity to visit Skid Row, where thousands of people are living on the streets. It was life-changing talking to those residents—hearing how they have built a community and take care of each other. Now, I take any opportunity I can to talk to my friends on the streets and always gain a greater understanding of how a few unexpected events in our lives could lead us down that same path.

What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important?

I’m trying to learn to kayak. When I got my kayak a few months ago, I was fairly confident about my ability to navigate waterways. I quickly found out there was a lot more to it than just paddling around the water and that kayaks, even when full of water, do not sink. Learning to master it is important because nature and being near the water brings my soul peace; it’s also great exercise.

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Member of the Month: Wayne Farmer, Interact Software

Oggy oggy oggy! Oi oi oi! Give a proper football welcome to our newest member of the month, Wayne Farmer! Wayne—the most popular human in Tulsa, we swear he knows everyone—is the Manager of Customer Success (Americas) for Interact Software. You can find Wayne walking around The Root with his big beats headphones in all day every day.

With over 1,500 intranet launches and more than 15 years of helping companies to communicate, Interact Software knows what makes an intranet successful. Interact offers a complete suite of professional services, designed to support your company at every stage of the intranet journey to engage your employees and create a more productive workplace.

Allison Broyles

Member of the Month: Allison Beasley, Capital Homes

We’d like to introduce you all to our newest member of the month, Allison Beasley! Allison is the Marketing Director for Capital Homes, which is in the midst of a full rebrand and an overall hectic time for the housing industry. Capital Homes is committed to providing the best new home building process possible. The company was founded in Owasso, Oklahoma, as a way to assist friends, neighbors, and the community to own affordable homes without sacrificing quality craftsmanship, energy-efficiency, or aesthetics.


Member of the Month: Kevin Steinkirchner, Bitwise Industries

We’re welcoming in spring with a new Member of the Month, Kevin Steinkirchner, Business Development Manager for Bitwise Industries, a tech company that’s just recently put down roots in Tulsa. You can usually find Kevin in the kitchen chatting with other members while drinking coffee out of his specialty Corgi coffee mug.

A custom-software company, Bitwise Technology Consulting, hires the very best out of their own Workforce Training program, proving it’s possible to build stellar technology and top-notch companies in unexpected places, using that diverse army of nontraditional talent.

The Root Coworking is not affiliated with Root, Tulsa (

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